We've all forgotten something in a hotel. I'll bet most of the time, people just figure they'll never see the thing again and chalk it up to experience. "That's the way it goes, James...your out one Pope Encyclopedia* and it's not worth enough to go back 300 miles for."

However, in this case, yeah, they're probably pretty upset that they didn't notice they forgot a very important thing back in the hotel. Major cash, guns, and coke!

Rochester police officers are trying to find the person or persons that left $16,000 dollars, guns, and cocaine in bag in a Rochester Hotel. The bag was discovered by a cleaning employee at the Comfort Inn on Bandel Road Northwest on Monday. A woman later contacted the hotel, saying the bag belonged to a nephew. A man also called asking about the bag.

Two people called the hotel to check on the bag? That must have sounded  a little something like...this!