I am a mom, and I have a mom, and moms are the most awesome people on the planet. Think about all that your mom does for you!  The list is just enormous and jam packed with unconditional love.  So how do you go about pleasing your significant other's mom? What would I like from the boy who is dating my daughter?  What would you like from another person dating your child?

I have taken this list from an article in 'She Knows (Click Here)', and added a couple of my own pearls of wisdom to it.

People's favorite subject is themselves.  Ask her about herself!  If you are meeting another mom for a first time and want to make an impression, start a conversation by asking her something about herself.

Talk about what your boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife was like as a child. Parents, especially moms, enjoy talking about what their kids were like.  Take it from me, we moms, we really enjoyed are kids when they were young.

Compliment something specific. Who doesn't love compliments? The article says that a specific compliment seems more genuine.  I suppose that is true.  If you overdo it though, then it won't go over well.  Keep it simple and specific is my advice.

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Bring a gift.  I am not so sure I agree with this one.  Mom's don't always need you to spoil them, but it is nice when you do.  Yeah, bring a gift, even something small will do.

Offer to help.  Maybe offer to do the cooking, cleaning or dishes.  This is always nice and it shows mom that  you care about doing chores.  I know whenever I've had any guest in my home, even just for them to offer to help with all of that stuff is so nice and thoughtful.   You don't have to scrub the toilets or anything, but picking up the mess from the meal, or something simple, you'll know if you think about it.  Just respect mom and help her!  Mom does so much!

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Put in some effort they say.  Talk, communicate, smile, be interested, even if you are bored.  This really I think applies to almost everything! Doesn't everyone love it when people pay attention to them?  Some great ideas.

Being a mom myself, I just say, appreciate them and respect them.  Moms have the toughest and most stressful job on the planet.  All of the unconditional love and suffering that they have gone through is well worth it, but mom works hard.  Happy Mothers day to ALL moms.

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