In high school, the stress dreams were about going to school with no pants. I was glad I graduated just so I wouldn't have that stupid dream again. Then I learned the rule of adulting, and the dreams never went away, and finally, the other day, they came true!

No pants, can't get in the locked building, I can get in, but I can't make it to the studio in time to push play on the next thing, so there's so much dead air. All of those are stress dreams I've had. But this week, a stress dream came true that I never expected. I totally forgot to wear something to work.

I was OK at first, because no one was in the studio with me. I'm the last studio in the line, and am right near the stairs. The news-guy coulda seen me, but his back was turned. When Tracy came in, I was able to hide it for a while, but then I thought, "Don't hide it...reveal it on the air. See if I can freak her out, you know?"

And I kinda did!

So what do you do when your stress dreams come true? Just roll with it...and hope the boss doesn't fire you. Heh heh heh....oooohhhh.