According to science, what turns a woman's head? You'll be surprised

This is Brangelina
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This is Brangelina in better times. Does she look very happy? Maybe. Maybe not. See how clean shaven Brad is? How sculpted and chiseled his features are? Almost unreal.

Bearded Brad
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This is bearded Brad.

Science complied and gathered all the data and found that what turns a woman's head is a dude with a full beard.

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Yeah, that's right, a dude with a full beard. According to the science, a full beard makes a guy seem like a pretty good catch for a long-term relationship. Why's that now? According to the data. a beard is a biological sign of a man's toughness, masculinity, aggressiveness and social status. Yeah, a woman can get all of that on a dude just from the beard.

Stubble comes in a close second. A baby face comes in dead last.

So, if you're looking to turn heads it's pretty simple: grow something.