Every now and then we get a note from a listener that needs help with a problem, but wants to stay anonymous. A surprising number of them are about weddings, and, this is a first...a maid of honor worried about being funny! 

Hey James...hey Silent Bo (lol). I listen to your show every morning when I'm driving home from work. NOT telling you where I'm from tho! :)

My sister is getting married next weekend, and I'm the maid of honor. I've been maid of honor a few times and I always write a funny toast. It's kinda what I'm known for, I think. Can you say that about yourself?

I wrote a funny toast for my sister, and this weekend while we were picking apples when you were at Sekapp James...I shoulda just asked you then! HA!...anyway, when we were picking apples, my boyfriend told me that funny was not the way to go. He said since it's my sister, it should be serious, and I can leave the jokes to the best man. So, now, OF COURSE, I'm second-guessing my toast. Should it be serious? Wouldn't she tell me if she wanted me to be serious?

Why should only the guys get to be funny? As you'd say, James...RIP OFF!

Just call me "Annoyed in Predmore".

So...can she be funny? I say yes. How 'bout you?