There are some people who tell me I talk too much.  There are others who ask me to talk more.  I was talking with a friend of mine just the other day and I came to the realization that words really are pretty valuable.  Sometimes I find myself emerged in these deep conversations with people, or even just in thought about off the wall things.  Have you ever thought of what it would be like to not speak?  If you were forced to only speak ten words for the rest of your life, what words would you pick and why?  I'll go first.  

Granted telling me that I only have ten words and thats it is as huge as climbing a huge mountain blindfolded inside of a gunnysack.  My mom even has home movies of me as a child rambling on and on and on about everything under the sun, it was like I never shut up, ever!  We took trips in the car as a family, and I remember mom would always make us play a little game.  "Let's see how long we can go without saying a word."  Sigh.  I always lost.   So here goes:

  1. Love.
  2. Thank You!
  3. Yes!
  4. Help!
  5. Beautiful!
  6. No!
  7. Hungry.
  8. Bathroom.
  9. Sorry.
  10. Please.
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Why did I choose those 10 words?  Love I believe is the greatest gift we are given, can give, most amazing thing that even exists, and when it comes right down to it?  It's all that matters.   It only makes sense to me that would be the most important word in my vocabulary.


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Thank you!  It's polite and my parents always taught me to be grateful and thankful. Saying those two words, which I suppose would have to be compressed into one word, if I only get TEN... Thanks!  It's important.  If I only get so many words, I'd want them to count. I'd want to be able to say that, and besides, being thankful and gracious only helps you in life.  If we took the time to regularly thank people who do things for us we would be far happier.  Sometimes on a day when you may be feeling low or down, it's all it takes.  Thanks!

Yes, well that one is obviously necessary.  No is in there too, but lower on my list if you havent already noticed by now, I ranked them in order of importance to me.  I watched a movie, 'Yes Man!' ( Have you seen that ?  It's good)

It really struck home to me, after watching it I had to examine some things about myself, how sometimes, saying yes is really liberating and can catapult you into a far greater way of life, but, with caution of course.   Deep, I know, but... as I said, I often dig myself into these deep philosophical thought patterns and conversations.  As you can see, this is tough for me, ten words.  I think I already surpassed this quite a few paragraphs ago, but I digress...

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Help! Well, you never know when you may need help.  Actually, come to think of it, asking for help is really a huge sign of strength.  Help is an amazing word that no person should be without, ever.

Beautiful.  I like the word, I like the meaning, and it's like saying all in one word, stop to take time and smell those roses.  I wouldnt need to say five things when I really mean one. Just look around, there is so much in life that is beautiful.  It's a positive word too, just the thought of it, doesn't it bring a peace and a nice warm fuzzy feeling?  Beautiful is a worthy word to add to your vocabulary.

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NO!  I couldn't leave no out of my word list.  No is important because what if you need to say no?  I think honestly I learn to say no more often.  I am one of those people who will do just about anything you ask of me to the point of burnout.  (I know this, yet... )  I'm sure you probably identify!  No is one of the hardest things to say.  I don't like saying it, which is why yes was higher on my list.  I'm putting this on there as a reminder and a tool.  Without no, yeah, you're screwed.


Hungry.  We all need food, right?  If I have a very limited vocabulary, this had to be there.

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I for a second hesitated, why not chocolate?  Well, I suppose one would get sick of chocolate if that's all they had.  I want to be able to tell people I'm hungry, because, well, if it came down to that making the difference between being able to eat or not, well, I need that word, to live, obviously.  Oh, thats hard tho, I do so love chocolate....

Bathroom.  This is something you need.  I always used to think it was funny that when people were planning on taking trips to other countries, where they spoke different languages, they always had to at least learn how to say, "Where is the bathroom?"  Yes, this word is again, vital.  Sure it's a waste of a word, literally, but necessary.

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Sorry!  This word carries so much significance and cements our lives.  I cannot imagine where I'd be without this word.  No matter how hard we try, there will come a time when this word means more than an entire lifetime of salary.

My last chosen word of the 10?  Please.  It's polite.  I think there is a reason we are taught from early childhood about please and thank you.  I chose both of those words on my list.

Feel free to comment below, I'd love to read them!  Besides, it's really fun to rack your brain... This has been deep thoughts by Sue Moore.  I doubt Saturday Night Live will ask me to be a feature part of their show just yet, but, hey, IT WAS FUN to think about and to write out.  What are your 10?