Here's what's happening next for two of Harrison Ford's most iconic characters.

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Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are making a fifth Indiana Jones movie for Disney. It's due in theaters July 2019. There's no title yet - there's probably no script or story yet, either, 'cos the movie's due out three years from now. Word is, though, that it will follow the successful formula of The Force Awakens by adding newer, younger characters that could take over the franchise. And help "Grandpa Jones" move around through the story.

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Shia Lebouf's "Mutt" character apparently did not work out so well in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so hopefully he will not be back in the new movie. George Lucas may not be involved with the new movie either.

My biggest question is, when will the movie take place? The original trilogy was set during World War II, and was mostly a race for artifacts Hitler could have used to win the war. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was set during the sci-fi craze of the '50's. For Spielberg is was almost a prequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I wonder if they'll keep moving forward, into the '60's.

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The future for Ford's Han Solo character is a Young Han Solo movie. There's a lot of secrecy on the casting, but there are a few names being mentioned. Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort, both from the Divergent films and Emory Cohen are just three The Hollywood Reporter is saying have done screen tests for the part. The Han Solo film is due in 2018. The character is said to be the stand-out of the Star Wars franchise.

It'll be interesting to see how well a Young Han Solo does on his own.

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