What's up with Johnny Depp?  I've always thought he was a great actor but he's been known to be a little strange in public (i.e. weird fake British accents).  But over the weekend Johnny took his oddness to a new level.  At the Hollywood Film Awards, Depp was introducing a documentary about talent manager Shep Gordon and slurred his way through the introduction.  Was he drunk or just being Johnny (or Captain Sparrow or Keith Richards)?   Shep, who's a friend of Depp, seemed to enjoy the whole trainwreck.

Meanwhile, another funny moment happened during the show but this one was just a slip of the tongue.  Jennifer Lopez accidentally said "How To DRAIN Your Dragon" when referring to the movie "How To Train Your Dragon 2".  She laughed at her mistake and reminded the audience it was never a good idea to "drain" your dragon.