On the way to my shoulder surgery checkup yesterday I walked past the well-known Mayo Building statue of the boy riding a dolphin.  And after a cursory glance, I noticed a bag over the boy's head.  Okay, so obviously they're doing renovations, but it made me wonder about this cool work of art.  Here's the story.

The sculpture was created by David Wynne, a Royal Navy serviceman and Cambridge University-educated zoologist who, surprisingly, has had no formal art training.  Wynne's first exhibit was in the Leicester Gallery in London, England, in 1955, and he currently has 14 major sculptures available for public view in London.

This 13-ft bronze sculpture depicts a mature male bottle-nosed or common dolphin and a boy who was modeled after the artist's youngest son. Describing the work, Wynne states “The boy is being shown that if you trust the world, the thrills and great happiness are yours…. If one meets a dolphin in the sea, he is the genial host, you the honored guest.” Such a true-life meeting inspired Wynne to sculpt this piece.

Hang on kid - the renovations will be done soon!

Tom Garrett