Yumm!   Don't you love deviled eggs?   That is my favorite way to eat an egg.   I love Easter!  It's a wonderful time to celebrate and always has been for my family.  I have fond memories of something my mom used to do for my sister & I when we were kids.  She went all out! The Easter Bunny used to put together a really awesome egg hunt in the yard, through the house, just all over the place for us.  We'd follow little clues until we got to the big kahuna at the end of the bunny trail!  There were 'Clues' inside the eggs, cueing us in to where to find the next egg... with yet another clue.  Sometimes it took all morning to get through them all and we'd have a big basket of items we collected along the way.

Arne Trautmann / TSM / ThinkStock

If I could pick moments from my childhood to re-live, Easter Sunday's would rank right up there on the top of the list! I miss being a young child and watching my daughter as she grew up as the tradition continued. Easter has always been a fun time to get together with family, to wear a cute yellow dress with a big ribbon on my hat and nice shiny shoes when we trekked off to church before eating a huge meal with our extended family. Everyone I knew growing up wore Easter bonnets.  Do people wear those anymore? I am so out of the loop on this one... I would, even now, don't laugh!  I love Easter bonnets, can't you see me sporting a big hat with a large yellow ribbon? I'd probably find a nice lime green one these days because I love that color.

I was always fond of the colors of the season, the vibrant pastels, the nice weather, everything about Easter, not to mention it's true meaning.  I almost want to treat myself to a few eggs now!   I think I will. Do you have any special plans or memories of Easter?