I am about the biggest coffee fiend you'll meet, and I'm looking for a great place to hang out and drink coffee. What's your favorite?

I'm not a quantity coffee drinker...I just can't do a whole pot every morning anymore. It messes with my meds and I can never leave the bathroom (TMI?). But, I LOVE coffee. Love it. My brother-in-law roasts his own beans, and he's a pro. He supplies my beans and they're perfect every. single. time. In fact,

I drink only two cups a day, but brew a little more than I can drink in a morning because co-workers have learned if you need a coffee fix, head to the Y-105 studio. I brew it strong, but that's OK. They can add water (I've seen 'em do it)!.

Speaking of strong, that's one of the most important things to me. I get up at 3am and have the hardest time getting to bed on time. With my girlfriend in Idaho, I often will sacrifice some sleep to talk to my sweetie. That's where the coffee comes in.

Anyway...I'm set for morning coffee, but I'm looking for a great place to hang out and drink coffee. In Twin Falls, ID, that was Twin Beans. Super great coffee, awesome owner, awesome employees, and plenty of space to hang out and read, write, whatever. If you go, ask for the Rabe Shot. It's super strong. A Chemex brew with a shot of espresso made with the same kind of bean. It takes little time to make (you can't rush greatness), but it's worth it. PLUS, you'll be awake for a week!

Here's what I need in a coffee shop:

  • No pretension...at all. At. All.
  • Great coffee.
  • Good food (sammiches, crepes, deserts, etc) is a big plus.
  • Friendly, but real employees. Real as in they have good and bad days, but soldier on. No fake smiles, no required "quirkiness" (like a corporate mandate to sing when you get a tip), just...people.
  • Comfy chairs.
  • LOTS of comfy chairs
  • Lots of plug ins for lappy
  • Free water
  • Music is fine, but not loud.
  • Live music events are awesome.
  • Books, too!

So...can you help me out? What's your favorite coffee shop?

And just to inspire the thinking juices, a great song about coffee.