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When is the new Starbucks opening on North Broadway in Rochester?  If you've been out of the loop on the building that was being built on North Broadway the last few months, it is a Starbucks.  The opening date was somewhat of a mystery but if you are a coffee addict, your options for grabbing a cup of joe with a shorter wait time just got better.

Starbucks on North Broadway has officially opened!  The "Now Open" sign went up this week and people are rolling through the drive-thru like it has always been there.  The reality is...it hasn't.  In fact, this little spot just off of North Broadway that is now home to Caribou Coffee and Starbucks once had a whole different life; burgers and gas.  Check out the pictures below to see what this property used to look like just a few years ago.

Remember when Rochester had a Wendy's on North Broadway?

I know that you have been mumbling under your breathe, "Rochester has too many coffee shops!" and in this location, I'd say that there are plenty of options for everyone.  In this spot, there is Caribou Coffee with the branding of Einstein bagels wrapped in that location and the new Starbucks.  Around the corner on Elton Hills Drive is Dunn Brothers.  And just down the road on Broadway is a place where cars are always waiting for their turn in the morning and blocking traffic - Moka.

With all of the coffee options though, Rochester has a few top picks...and Starbucks didn't even make the cut.  See who the winners are based on your votes here.

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