Summer isn't far away and a lot of kids will be playing outside all day. Just like you did when you were their age. How did you know it was time to come in for dinner? If you're like a LOT of kids around SE Minnesota, you knew to come in when you heard the sirens. Then you busted your butt to get home for dinner (and maybe try to slip past mom so you didn't have to wash your hands...but she ALWAYS NOTICED!). When I was 13, after dinner I could stay out 'til the 10 PM curfew siren went off.


They were good times, and there's a good chance you have the same rule with your kids now. That's the neat thing about those sirens. Sure, they're for emergencies and warnings and very serious stuff. But, they're also a part of our childhood and our children's childhood. And so I admit being surprised there's a guy in Kasson that wants the noise to stop.

Cody Lawson put together a petition online and is worried people won't take sirens seriously in case of an emergency.

I believe that the sirens should be used only for emergency purposes and for tests.  From what I know kasson is the only town that does the sirens 3 times a day 7 days a week and I feel there is no reason to do so. The sirens go off at 12(noon), 5:30pm and 10pm. Sign my petition and lets stop the sirens!

I think people easily detect the difference between the three quick daily soundings and the warnings. Trust me, when it gets to severe thunderstorm and tornado season, the difference becomes super clear.

Kasson man Tod Suhr started an online petition and is definitely Team: Sirens,

Why not use the sirens for more then just a single purpose as the duration of the differing sirens (Daily, Tornado, and Fire) are totally unique to each other and if properly educated as to the differences, should cause no need for false alarm.

So far it's 558 people Team: Siren and  51 Team: Shhh!

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