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We've heard a lot about how the first rounds of the coronavirus vaccine have made it to Minnesota. But just when can YOU expect to be able to get vaccinated?

The news last weekend that the first rounds of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine were being rolled out across the country, including here in Rochester, was good news for ALL of us, right? But, as we've heard for a while now, there's a strict protocol in place for who's the first line to get the vaccine here in Minnesota, which would be health care workers with the most likely to be exposed (those who are actively working in the COVID wards at healthcare systems across the state.)

But when will YOU be able to get the vaccine? That was the question I was wondering, even though I know I'm not at all one of those who need it first. But the New York Times published this handy guide that might give you a little more guidance on when you can expect to have the vaccine available to you.

When you click the link, you'll answer a few basic questions, like your age, the county where you live, the profession in which you work, and whether or not you have any COVID-related health risks.

I entered my information yesterday, and, no surprise, it looks like I'll be waiting a while! The site said, based on my risk profile, they believe there are 268.7 million people overall ahead of me in the vaccine line. Here in Minnesota, I'm behind 4.5 million people, and in Olmsted County, there are 119,800 people in line to get the vaccine before I do. Yeah, it looks like I'll be able to binge-watch all 10 episodes of The Queen's Gambit on Netflix and STILL have plenty of time before I get those shots!

The site says, of course, that's it's just an estimate, and that the line may ultimately be shorter. It's still kind of interesting, though. (You can see where YOUR place in line is HERE.) And if you-- like me-- won't be called anytime soon to get vaccinated, keep scrolling to see how LONG it takes to binge-watch some popular shows while we wait!

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