Having a beer (or several) is something many of us might do while watching a Vikings game but are Vikings fans some of the drunkest in the NFL?

Which NFL Fan Bases Drink The Most?

That's the question a new survey by the number-crunchers at SportsHandle set out to answer. They just surveyed over 2,000 NFL fans from across the country to find out which team's fans were the booziest and biggest drinkers. And the results were kind of surprising!

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As it turns out, fans of the purple and gold here in Minnesota don't actually drink much at all while watching the Vikings. At least compared to fans of other NFL teams, the survey said.

So Where Do Vikings Fans Rank?

The Vikings ranked 29th on the survey-- out of 32 total NFL teams-- when it come to fans who drink the most. 29th?!? Really? So, there are only three other teams' whose fans drink less than Vikings fans do? (Those would be the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, and San Francisco 49ers, by the way.)

Check out what the survey found when it comes to Vikings fans:

+ Fans of the Minnesota Vikings rank 29th for booziest fans, averaging 3.2 drinks per game while spending an average of about $37.

+ Vikings fans rank 13th for biggest pre-gamers, with 62% of Vikings fans admitting to drinking before the game starts.

+ Vikings fans rank 20th for the biggest lightweight drinkers, with 35% of Vikings fans admitting to having missed some or all of the game due to drinking too much.

Compare those results to fans of the Bengals-- the team who came in first in the survey-- who said they have 5.2 drinks per game and spend over $43 a game doing it.

So Packer Fans Have To Rank Near The Top, Right?

So if the Bengals are first, just where are the Vikings' NFC North rival Green Bay Packers? Don't Packers fans drink a lot? Being a Wisconsin native, I AM one and I can confirm, yes, we do!  But apparently not as much as I thought, because Packer fans came in 15th in the survey, having just 3.7 drinks per game and spending $38.21. Heck, that's only half a beer more than Vikings fans!

Other teams whose fans finished near the top in the survey include the Baltimore Ravens (#2), Buffalo Bills (#3), Chicago Bears (#4) and Carolina Panthers (#5).

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