12 Places in Southeast Minnesota Where You Can Find Real Christmas Trees

Now that December is officially here, what type of Christmas tree are you putting up this year?  Real -or- Fake?  If you are looking for a real one, check out these 12 spots in Southeast Minnesota, including in Rochester, where fresh trees are waiting for you!

12 Places to Find Real Christmas Trees in Southeast Minnesota

If finding the perfect Christmas tree is on your list of things to-do this holiday season, below are 12 places in Southeast Minnesota that might be worth a visit. Some are Christmas tree farms that have trees already cut and a few locations where you can cut your own tree. Also on the list are some local stores and nurseries in the Rochester, Minnesota area that have the perfect tree waiting for you as well.

What type of Christmas tree do you have?

I'd love to hear if you are going fake or real this year!  Send me a note or a photo of your tree over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

We were "real Christmas tree" people for years but found a fake one on clearance a few years ago.  Here's what our tree looks like at our house!  (Complete with the bucket of dogs toys on the right and a very sad-looking Saint Bernard.  I promise he is very happy.  That's just his natural expression.)

A few things you might want to remember to bring with you when you get a real tree are:

  • work gloves...because you will get tree sap on you
  • saw...some locations do have these available but using your own tools might be the safest option in 2020
  • hats & gloves...don't forget to bundle up!
  • great walking shoes or boots...you could be walking through a field for a little bit so plan ahead and wear shoes for any terrain
  • camera or your phone...some of the best family shots are taken this time of year, and a tree farm is a perfect backdrop
  • twine...most of the locations have twine available but just in case, bring some along or some bungee cords
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