Whether it's over the river and through the woods, or even a boring drive across I-90 or up and down Hwy 52, you're still going to wonder where to fill-up your tank for Turkey Day before you hit the open road!

Gas prices have been up and down around here in recent months, but right now the nationwide average hangs around $2.62 a gallon with our statewide average sitting at $2.51. Last year about this time it was $2.49, so just about the same.

According to the site Minnesotagasprices.com the cheapest gas in the area are as follows:

  • $2.36 Costco Commerce Dr NW near W Circle Dr NW (Last year it was also the lowest at $2.29)
  • $2.36 Kwik Trip 4760 Commercial Dr SW & 48th St SW
  • $2.36 Fleet Farm 4891 Maine Ave & 48th St SE
  • $2.38 Shell 1025 4th St SE & 11th Ave SE
  • $2.39 Sinclair 205 6th St SW & 2nd Ave SW
  • $2.42 Cenex 3610 E River Rd NE & 37th St NW
  • $2.43 Kwik Trip (Byron) 16 2nd Ave Nw & US-14
  • $2.43 Kwik Trip (Kasson) 101 8th St SE & MN-57

Granted many of you might not have a Costco Membership, so you'll just have to fill up at the nearest gas station like usual. Most of the other stations across the city are at sitting at $2.36 - $2.46.

Just remember: The further away you get from Rochester, especially towards the cities, you're going to be paying more than $2.75 a gallon so you'd best fill up before you leave town!

Also while checking out that website, I discovered that they have a FREE app to ensure you can always find the place with the cheapest gas prices, no matter where you are. You can download the app HERE.

Have a great Thanksgiving, a fun Black Friday and most importantly - Safe travels!

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