Do they have a national day for everything? I think so, just check out this list for tomorrow,

  • National Cotton Candy Day
  • National Jump for Jelly Beans Day
  • National Mutt Day (PUPPIES!)
  • National Raspberry Cake Day
  • Shredded Wheat Day
  • Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day (like accordions...)
  • World Ranger Day

Those are all pretty solid, except the one celebrating accordions. Don't get me wrong, accordions are fine, as long as they're fifty to sixty miles from me or not playing polka. BUT, there's one day I kept off the list because it is so special, I didn't want it to get missed.

Tomorrow is National Avocado Day! 

That's right. The magical avocado will be celebrated tomorrow. Maybe you'll make it, or a friend will. Or you'll buy one of those 4 packs of individual serving guacamole (they're pretty good and makes a great sandwich spread).

But, if you want FREE guac, head to a Rochester Chipotle! Just order an entree on their website, or thru their app, and the guac is free! Not as good as if they had a HUGE bucket full of guac and you could just pull up with your own guac bucket and get it filled, but still, it'll save you a few bucks.

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