Want to pick up lunch for the whole office? Then scroll down and tell us who James Rabe swapped faces with! This week the Face Swaps look like James Rabe...but we swear they are Face Swaps (when we get the winner, we'll post both so you can see the before and after). You'll need the hints!

James Rabe will randomly select a correct answer every Friday morning at 9:35 and that person will enjoy one Classic Combo Sandwich Platter from Subway! Come back every week because there'll be a new Face Off Face Swap each week. Sometimes, it may be local celebrities!

Imagine, you and everyone you work with enjoying lunch on you! All office debts instantly paid. Or, you could put it on your desk and eat each sandwich, slowly, staring at everyone in the office that regularly steal you lunch. That'll show 'em!

No matter how you eat it, win it!

Here's this week's Face Swap Hints: a) James is on vacation to see his sweetie-pie in Idaho. ii) He took some pictures of a person in Idaho and swapped faces with this person. 3) He talks about this person a lot. A LOT.

In this case, you do not need to know the person's name. Just describe him or her. Like, "James Rabe's dentist." or "Rabe's favorite coffee maker" or "James Rabe's favorite phlebotomist."

Enter now!