I posed this question, "Which place do you see gives the BEST excellent customer service? Can be any place! They're kind, ensure you're taken care of and give optimum service."

The responses were great. Some of the places I have been to and some I have not (but now I will). A business that makes customer service a priority really does set the bar and sometimes the difference between people giving them their patronage.

Here's some of the places that give the best customer service:



Hy-Vee was mentioned numerous times, locations that got a hat tip specifically were West Circle, Barlow (voted several times) and 37th street.

Olivia said "No matter what time of day. It could be 8 am, 2 pm, 5 pm or 10 pm, I am ALWAYS greeted with a smile, a "Good morning how are you?" By at least 5 different employees. Definitely a helpful smile in every aisle"

"Hy-Vee 37th St. Pharmacy. Those Ladies and Brian jump through hoops for my Mom. I always love running there for her. Otherwise y'all nailed it with HyVee Barlows!" said Jason.


Collins Orthodontics was also thrown into the awesome customer service discussion. I can personally attest to their customer service since I had braces there but I'll pass the mic to someone else. This is what Jenny had to say about this fabulous place "I have never experienced Customer Service like we have in the last few weeks at Collins Orthodontics. Top NOTCH. They take pride in treating patients (and their parents) with respect, flexibility, kindness and compassion. And, as we've started our journey... so many people we know who also went or go to Collin's have shared the same experiences."


country inn and suites

Visitors frequent Rochester so we're not surprised to see a shout out from someone about a hotel that been incredibly accommodating. Cathy said "Country Inn and Suites on the South Side by Whistle Binkies. My folks used to come into town for one month every summer to visit us and to do Dr. appointments. The staff there go out of their way to be helpful and get to know the people that are staying more than a day or two. They're truly great people, and the manager (Michelle) is a gem."

Coffee on wood background
Andrea Carolina Sanchez Gonzalez

Coffee was a hot topic. Shout outs went to Cafe Steam, Moka and Bravo Espresso on how well they treat their customers. Stacy said this about Bravo Espresso "Bravo! They know my name and remember my drink each time! Best coffee guys!"

More places were mentioned. Here's the rest of the list for Customer Service awesomeness in no specific order:

  • Fast Phone Repair
  • Sams Club Pharmacy
  • Target Pharmacy
  • The Peoples Co-op
  • Kwik Trip across from Whistle Binkies Olde World Pub (Wellner Dr. location)
  • Chocolaterie stam
  • Ye Olde Butcher Shop
  • The guy in the Rochester Civic Theatre Box Office
  • Civic league day care teachers
  • Leashes and Leads
  • Kwik Trip
  • Clip and Dip
  • Terra Loco
  • The Doggery
  • Porch and Cellar
  • Trader Joes
  • Heartland Tire
  • Discount Tires
  • Fiesta Mexicana
  • Broadway Car care

But most of all you can't beat Minnesota Nice! I think Liz said it best "You know what place I think gives the best customer service in general? Minnesota!!! I miss it like crazy. Customer service in Florida is pretty poor most of the time, I long for the Minnesota nice!!"

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