I've been seeing these all over Facebook, have you?

I've heard that signs just like this one have been left all over Rochester, in order to promote fair pay for local artists. I have yet to see one out - but holy cow what a concept! Do you agree with what the signs say?

Chad Allen Insta
Chad Allen Insta


It's certainly been a hard year for local artists, poets and musicians. The loss of The Wicked Moose this spring didn't help, and the Rochester Civic Theatre has certainly been under fire lately.

We don't know who exactly is leaving these signs around Rochester (do you?), but they bring up a solid point. What are we doing to show we appreciate the artists and musicians of this city? Are they being paid appropriately? Are they being paid at all? Should they be? In my opinion, they should be just as anyone else who provides a service, but that's just me.

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