Last week I posted this video and wondered, "Who is this? Why does she have this awesome memorial?"

After talking about it on the show and posting the blog, I got an answer!

CREDIT: The Chatfield News - click for link.

I'd still like to know a lot more about M. Jean. Kolb. What did she carve, what kind of books did she read, and where did she travel? What made her laugh? I'd love to hear stories from when she worked at the Paperback Book Palace. Weird customers?

And, of course, why is the park memorial like it is? Why The Husband off to the left with no name, and M. Jean there to the right? I love it, absolutely love it, and I'm certain that would mean I'd love her, too.

If you knew Jeannie, or know Garry, I'd love to hear from you Maybe interview you, if you would be willing. Click to email me.