Let me paint a picture of days gone by for you.

Imagine there was a TV show you wanted to watch and in order to do so, you had to sit down and watch it WHEN IT WAS ON TV!  There was no Netflix, no DVD's and even (at my house - we basically lived like cavemen) no VCR.

If you are so young you don't remember the VCR, Google it kiddo.

My family LOVED watching Dallas together each Friday night.  We even drove to the house used as "Southfork Ranch" when we were on a family trip across Texas.  35 years ago today, we found out the answer to what in my lifetime is the  biggest cliffhanger on broadcast television; who shot J.R. Ewing.  I remember my mom made popcorn for us to enjoy as we patiently waited for the big reveal.

I  was so excited to find out it was the conniving Kristin (J.R.'s sister in law AND mistress!) that I called my cousin on the west coast because I knew she had to wait two more hours for the big reveal.  It was basically like an old timey Twitter post with #spoiler added for good measure.  Unfortunately for me, my cousin didn't care about J.R. OR Dallas!  Talk about a buzzkill.

And now, prepare for the best 3 minutes of your day.  Let's re-live that moment that had us holding our breath together: