Have you heard of the Charlie Charlie Challenge? It is supposed to summon a demon that'll answer your questions. Well, I did it and discovered a MAJOR casting change is coming to Captain America!

First, some background.  Right now Twitter and Facebook are filling up with the "Charlie Charlie Challenge." You put two pencils together to form a cross, and try to summon a demon by saying, "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?" Then, the pencils are supposed to move showing Charlie's answer. The internets are filled with people freaking out when they move.

So, I decided to see if I could freak myself out. Did I? No, but what happened WILL freak out Chris Evans!

And while this may be bad news for Chris Evans, it's even worse news for Brent, Tracy, and me!  Our dreams of SUPER-HEROness are crushed. Crushed! Hollywood can be a cruel lover, and this proves it. #thankshollywood