I first noticed them last fall. They were around for a few weeks and then, suddenly, just as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone. I drove by every day and wondered, but never actually stopped to take photos or spend time looking for answers on the Internet.

And then, just a couple weeks ago, they were back in almost the same place where they had been before. Goats were roaming along the hill on the south side of Viola Road in Northeast Rochester. I still didn’t know why, so I decided this was the time to find out.

I went to the website on the signage by where the goat area is cordoned off and it took me to company called Goat Dispatch. According to their website, the goats are supposed to eat invasive vegetation such as buckthorn. I hear of people in the area battling buckthorn all the time, so that’s got to be why the goats are back in town, right? They’re the buckthorn control patrol.

Do you have issues with invasive plants in your yard or on your property? Would you ever consider going this route to solve those problems?