The world's strongest coffee hits shelves real soon, but not anywhere near Rochester! Death Wish Coffee is known for "working faster than any energy drink, without the added sugar or unhealthy side effects." It was created back in 2012 at a small coffee shop in New York. Now, you'll be able to buy it at over 1,000 Walmart locations. I'm sad to say, the Midwest has been completely left out of these special deliveries. You can buy it online, but it's just not the same.

Why should Death Wish Coffee be sold in Rochester? 

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1. Obviously ME! I get up stupid early and drink way too much coffee. I could definitely use a boost from the world's strongest coffee. Could you imagine how much better the morning show would be? LOL

2. Nurses and Doctors GALORE! Hello, they are working way too many hours. They could definitely use that extra jolt of caffeine.

3. Construction workers - They already work so hard, could you imagine how fast stuff would get done with the push from the world's strongest coffee?!

Tired Construction Worker
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4. It gets dark at 5p and the sun doesn't rise until 9a in the winter. We get seasonal depression! Coffee makes everyone happy!





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