This story so angered people...and the sentence doubly so. Why didn't they go right to prison? Here's why.

On the air yesterday, Tracy and I were talking about this story...about how the horrible abuse didn't equal immediate prison, and how treatment when these two adults were kids might have made all the difference in the world.

But we kept coming back to WHY they aren't going straight to prison. We figured it was the law, but what if the prosecutor or the judge messed up?

Turns out...nope. They were following the law. 100% ABC 6 News anchor Laura Lee did a great interview with Fillmore County Attorney Brett Corson.

"It would not have made a difference if they had been convicted on all charges," Fillmore County Attorney Brett Corson said.

I understand if this makes you feel like the system is broken when a kid can be so horribly treated. If you feel that way, please, call your state legislator. Lets them know how you feel and see what you can do to help them change the law.

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