The world-famous 'SPAM' is made right here in our own backyard in Austin, Minnesota. The precooked canned spiced ham from Hormel Foods was first introduced in 1937 and became a staple worldwide after its use during World War II.

Spam has also been a part of pop culture. Who can forget the Monty Python sketch?  Weird Al did a parody song called 'Spam' and it's the name most of the world uses to describe unwanted email. There was even a Spam Museum in Austin. It closed in 2014 but is expected to relaunch with a brand new museum in spring of 2016.

But one of the most interesting facts about Spam is the fact that it is especially beloved in the state of Hawaii. Residents of the Aloha state have the highest per capita consumption of Spam in the United States. Spam has often been called "The Hawaiian Steak". The store shelves in Hawaii contain a wide variety of Spam products, many of which are unavailable in other markets. You can even order Spam at your local McDonalds in Hawaii.

CBS Sunday Morning did an excellent piece about the history of Spam. Watch it to find out why it's so popular in Hawaii.