It seems to happen to me all the time, and I think it's some really dangerous behavior behind the wheel!


No, it's not texting and driving. It's not being otherwise distracted while driving, though that's obviously dangerous too. And, it's not even speeding. What is it?

It's those people who DON'T DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT ON HIGHWAY-52!  Come on, man! Step on it, will ya?!?  I mean, I'm not asking you to exceed the legal limit, but you CAN drive the posted speed, right?

These slowpoke drivers usually manifest themselves in one of two ways: They're either already poking around, driving way slower than then rest of traffic as you heading along the highway. It's as if they're going for a leisurely Sunday drive in the right lane! Traffic, which is moving faster-- but at the posted limit-- then has to slam on the brakes to avoid these slow drivers. Or, worse yet, other drivers change lanes at the last minute to avoid them and nearly cause a crash.

And then there are the always-annoying people who won't accelerate up to the posted limit when they're merging ONTO Highway-52. I notice this happening a lot when heading north onto 52 from the Civic Center Drive ramp, or when heading south and merging onto 52 from 55th, 41st or 37th Street. You're then forced into merging AROUND them, but you can't get going fast enough to smoothly merge into the other lanes of traffic because they're going so slowly.

Come people, drive the speed limit! Going that much slower isn't safer-- it's far more dangerous if you ask me!

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