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First I was hit upside the head with a sock-full-of-pennies when I learned almost every other state calls bags  "corn hole". Now, I find out the same with chicken wings...or should i say flats?


What the heck?  Yeah, flats. You got drumsticks, thighs, breasts, and...flats. Click play.

FYI: Video is totally wrong. The Chicken THIGH is the best part. $FightMe.

A quick check of the office revealed only one person knew FLATS are food and not shoes. And that the food was chicken wings. Troy Dunken, the guy from Nebraska (figures). No one else, and I mean NO ONE else had a clue. A little research and what do I find? Diddly/squat. That's right, a fraction.

Most articles call it a wing/flat. But no where can I find where the word "flat" came from. Except this...

The middle part of the wing is called the wingette, or flat. I like calling it flat because that’s exactly what the shape is. There are two thin bones that run parallel to each other down the length of the flat, and it has tender dark meat and is completely covered with skin. (Source)

Wingette? WINGETTE? No. It's a chicken wing. Period. Not sure why they call it a flat, since it's NOT flat...but I do like the name. So, Minnesota, why don't you call 'em chicken flats?

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