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Minnesotans love swimming in our many lakes, rivers, and pools in the summertime. But did you know that the color of your kid's swimsuit matters a lot? I don't have kids so I've never thought about something like this, but I thought this was worth sharing in case others weren't aware of this too!

There's a company called ALIVE Solutions that, in a nutshell, teaches people about aquatic safety. On their Facebook page, they shared two different posts about how much the color of your kid's swimsuit matters in case the unthinkable happens.

Check out the two posts below to see what they're talking about. One is a test they did in a pool and another is a test done in a lake:

The white and light blue color just disappears, which is so scary to think about. ALIVE Solutions highly recommends getting your kids bright and contrasting colors for a swimsuit. Neon pink and neon orange are the two they recommend the most.

They also mention that while the dark colors do stand out, sometimes in the moment the color may be thought of as dirt or leaves. All the more reason to go with a bright, contrasting color for swimsuits. And this tip isn't just for kids, it can be good for adults too!

Another great idea for water safety this summer is by using a 'Water Watcher' card. When the kids are out playing in the water, one adult is assigned 'Water Watcher' duty. They keep an eye on the kids and wear the 'Water Watcher' card. Then after an agreed amount of time the role of 'Water Watcher' switches. You can download a 'Water Watcher' card via Safe Kids Worldwide.

Along with the 'Water Watcher' card and bright swimsuit, keep scrolling for other beach day essentials you won't want to forget this summer!

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