This is a simple piece of joy...and also the story of how my mother feared any moment I'd step on any kind of stage. BUt NOT for the reason you're thinking.

First, this kid is awesome! High-Five my little man!

Second. Oh my gosh, my mom would have LOVED me being this kid. Cute, singing along, having fun, and being just a little silly.

Rabe - James Rabe Mom 2

My mom, Mary Ann Rady Rabe (that's her in the picture), was an awesome, funny, silly, grand woman. She was, however, easily embarrased by her last born, me.

It wasn't the things I said, like the cute kid in the video. It was the things i DID on stage she worried about.

For example, one time we're at St Mary's Catholic Church in Sault Ste Maire, MI. My best friend, Blaine, and I were on the alter with a bunch of other kids. My mom and Blaine's mom, Betsy, were sitting together,. Betsy was a lot like my mom, and way more highlarious. This was their conversation.

MARR: Betsy, are you worried abouit what I'm worried about?

BETSY: That they're in the front row, so they'll pee their pants? Or that they'll grab themselves and hold on for dear life?

MARR: Both.

MARR/BETSY: (gets nasty looks as they disolve into giggles)

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