The bitterly cold weather that we experience here in Minnesota each winter can create some major headaches like busted pipes or broken furnaces. It's nine below outside as I'm writing this article and my house is making some really strange sounds.

Thankfully, my heat is on and my pipes are fine, but my house is cracking and popping.  I am hearing loud pops every few minutes. These pops are really loud - loud enough to wake me up throughout the night. Does your house make these weird noises throughout the winter months?  I did a little research this morning to find out exactly why this happens.

Why Minnesota Houses Crack and Pop All Night


Good News: Your house isn't falling apart! Those loud pops and cracking noises might sound scary, and they will get louder as the temps get colder, but construction experts say they are normal.

Norbert Delatte, a civil and environmental engineering department chairman and professor at Cleveland State University, explained the sound to

" Pretty much all building materials – wood, concrete, steel – expand with heat and contract with cold. The foundation of a house stays at a more normal temperature where the outside of the house is trying to shrink against it, so whatever connections there are between the foundation and home, they would be making some noise."

So, there's nothing to worry about and there's nothing you can do about it.

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