Amy Keller comes from candy. Her family owns the Spangler Candy Company, so she grew up with it her entire life. After watching an interview with Amy, my understanding was that 1/3 of the world's food is never eaten, and she wanted to intervene to find a way to reduce this waste.

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What IS Climate Candy? The Urban Dictionary has the definition listed as, "A sustainable sweet, made from upcycled fruits and vegetables. It is used as a single delivery item to solve the climate crisis by preventing food waste; the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Climate Candy is good for people and the planet, thus making both healthy choices and climate impact more accessible. Every time you eat Climate Candy, you are the healthiest version of yourself and the planet."


Before creating Climate Candy, she was involved with climate change around the world to help raise awareness of what could happen if we could use fruits and vegetables to make a powder that would have a longer shelf life, and stop food waste. She was trying to make it fun around superfoods that are right here in America and in Europe, and figure out how to work with those, tell the story of local farmers, and help solve the need for people to get 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.


Climate Candy tastes like candy. Amy said the goal was to make sure kids couldn't tell the difference between something that is healthy and something that is not. Kids want that sweet yummy candy, and this is a way to create candy with nutrition intact, and localyl source ingredients, which can also improve our carbon footprint and prevent all this waste.

Amy says her goal is to not take away from having actual candy, and candy companies like the one owned by her family, but to make a place for it.

Amy wants people to know that by buying Climate Candy, they are saving fruits and vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste, just because they weren't pretty enough to make it to market.

Right now Climate Candy is being sold direct to consumers, with sweet and sour chews, and they keep on creating modern-day candies that are sweet and sour chewy, and hard candies. You can follow the journey on Facebook.

You can watch the interview with Amy Keller and her FAVES Climate Candy below. Amy's personal story starts about 3 minutes in.


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