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If you don't have a Costco membership, find a friend that does and sneak in with them because something very Christmasy is now for sale that you will love.

The wine advent calendar was a huge hit last year at a bunch of stores, including Aldi's, and if you've been wondering if they will be back...they are HERE!  Ok, not physically here, in this story, but they are actually at stores.  And I say "they" because this year they rolled out two.

If you have questions on this box of goodies, the Costco Wine Blog Facebook page did a great review that you can find here.  They also have received so many questions, they created a FAQ just for the wine advent calendars.  I can see your brain spinning with all of the "what if..." questions, so to save you the search, you can get those all answered here.

A few people in the internet world were wondering, "How do I know if the Costco near me has any left?"  The best advice that the experts in the wine advent calendar world gave was...just give your Costco a call and ask.  These have been selling super fast so there is a good chance that if you load up your SUV and trek over to the store, you will be out of luck.

Don't worry, another local store has got your back - HyVee.  The fabulous midwest store shared the news that they will be selling a wine advent calendar starting November 4th.

Do you know another fun Christmas gift that everyone should be buying?  Let me know!  Send me a note on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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