The Winona County Emergency Management team issued a COVID-19 travel advisory and says, "If you must to travel to La Crosse County, make sure to take necessary precautions. Wear your mask, stay physically distant and be sure to wash your hands."

The department posted the advisory to its Facebook page with a message that said, "We love our neighbors across the river, but we are advising against traveling to the La Crosse County area for leisure activities, as they are rapidly increasing in COVID-19 cases. They are seeing an increase in cases especially for ages 20-29."

The advisory cites stats published by the La Crosse Tribune and according to that newspapers report, "La Crosse County has reported "at least 90 new cases on eight of the past nine days, including six days with at least 100 cases, while averaging 116.29 new cases per day during the past seven days".

This travel advisory discourages Winona county residents from crossing into La Cross County for "leisure activities such as going to bars, restaurants and other events that could produce unsafe environments."   Read the full travel advisory here. 

Meanwhile, the CDC has published their recommendations for Halloween this year. Trick or treating, trunk or treat events, and costume parties are not recommended. See the agency's update here. 

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