This year at the Rock County 4-H Fair had the best theme. "Barn to be Wild!" And at least one thing did go wild...the pig auction. Waylon Klitzman has been a 4-H'er for a while now, and at 15-years-old he's mastered the art of saving lives. With the help of his pig, Roo.

What happened? Well, the short version is Waylon's pig Roo sold for more than $10,000, and Waylon gave it to a group doing research to end neuroblastoma. Beat Nb explains what that is...

Neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in infants. It is a solid tumor cancer that affects children. Every 14 hours, a child is diagnosed with the disease. Although most kids get to remission, nearly half those kids relapse – and there’s no cure for relapsed neuroblastoma.

A beautiful thing, right?

Well, let me tell you a liiiitle bit more, and you'll see how deeply kind and loving sophomore Waylon Klitzman is.


First, he found out about Beat NB because one of his teachers was retiring to take care of her child with he donated some money he had saved up to Beat Nb. Then he and his brothers and sisters planted a huge pumpkin patch (3 acres!) and sold 'em all and donated that money to Beat Nb. Then came the 4-H Swine Project, and he was going to give all the money raised from Roo's sale to Beat Nb. But he got bad news!

The 4-H kid trying to save the life of a teacher's 4-year-old found out his pig didn't make weight, so couldn't be sold in the public auction. BUT, he could sell it at the private auction to at least cover his expenses.

The auctioneer announced the reason for the sale, how the money was to help a local girl, and boom! The bidding was fast and furious. Everyone that bought the pig, donated it back to be auctioned again...and again...and again! Four times in total  Raising over $10,000!

What the buyers did was amazing. There was no pre-auction hype, no one knew what was up until they were at the auction, and the auctioneer explained it. And it only took seconds for four groups to decide, yeah, this is the thing we're going to do.

This story is us. The everyday folks we see. There is goodness in all of us.

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