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What's the best way to parent? Experts would say to set smart limits, don't clip their wings, and don't try to fix everything. Is "get in there with the elephants" on that list? No? Well, one Wisconsin guy didn't get the memo.

WISN - Click for link to story and video.
WISN - Click for link to story and video.

WISN, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reported a Wisconsin dad was trying to impress his daughter by climbing over a locked fences area at the Milwaukee County Zoo elephant exhibit. His goal was to hang out with the elephants.

What ended up happening was nowhere near as impressive.

In a news release, the Milwaukee County Zoo said, "The visitor began to climb over a secondary fence but did not breach that barrier. The individual never shared space with two of the zoo's African elephants who were outside at the time..."

Elephant Gets A Pedicure
399200 03: Bulwagi, a 20-year-old African elephant, receives a pedicure from Terry Wolf the wildlife director at the Lion Country Safari January 3, 2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The pedicure procedure involves the trimming of the nail with a hoof knife and the smooth filing and shaping of both the edges and the surface of the nail with a rasp. The toenails have to support the entire weight of the animal because they literally stand and walk on their toes, rather than on the pads of their feet. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The TV station says the Sheriff's debuties said the 27-year-old dad was trying to impress his daughter. Which turned into the both of them being escorted off the zoo property. ((sad trombone)) Dad Fail.

Evgeny Bashta

Milwaukee County Zoo Fast Facts

  • Operating Status: County owned and operated; supported by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee County
  • Average Annual Attendance: 1.3 million
  • Personnel: 144 full-time, 61 seasonal employees
  • Specimens: 2,100+ specimens representing 366 different species
  • (See more WC Zoo facts here.)

AUTHOR NOTE: No one asked, but I'd be just fine if zoos ceased to exist. Anyone else?

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As dough-headed as it was for this dad to do this, there are far too many kids that are missing and don't have these kind of moments. Please, scroll the photos and see if you can help find these missing Minnesota kids.

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