TikTok user @MollyHair officially has the most frustrating first date story — and she never even made it to the date!

The Kansas resident went viral on TikTok after sharing jaw-dropping screenshots of the conversation she had with an unidentified man right before they were supposed to meet up for a first date. She captioned the video, "Chivalry is alive #firstdatefail."

In the viral clip, Molly shares that while waiting for her to join him, her unnamed date accidentally texted her a sexist message about her that was intended for his friend. At the time, Molly had just pulled up to the location of their first date, but she understandably never went inside to meet him.

His NSFW text? "Waiting on this c--- ... I took a pinch for confidence."

As Molly reveals using screenshots of their exchange, the date quickly realizes his mistake when she responds, "What? Am I the c---?"

Yikes. Take a look, below:

Molly also uploaded a follow-up video to show their entire conversation.

At one point, he texts Molly, "Omg I don't really think that at all I joke too much, I say s--- like that just to say it. I completely understand if this is over."

Molly sends him packing with a text that reads: "Yeah, to be honest I'm not really comfortable meeting anymore. I don't really feel like it's okay to call women that even as a joke and I kind of see it as a red flag. Sorry!"

"I'm sorry sorry sorry but I get it," he texts back alongside a facepalm emoji.

According to Molly's second TikTok about the situation, she was parking her car when she received his accidental text. "I was getting ready to go in when I got those first messages. At first, I was confused and I didn't really understand what he was saying, and when I realized what was going on, I immediately started driving away," she explains in the video, adding that the guy even attempted to call her.

Eventually, she had to "start ignoring him when he wasn't getting [the] message" that she was no longer interested in their planned meet-cute.

Though the anonymous date did apologize multiple times, which Molly accepted, their love connection was simply not meant to be in the wake of such vile profanity. (And, uh, very fair.)

The original TikTok video, which is ironically soundtracked by Ava Watson's "I Found a Guy Told Me I Was a Star," received more than 270,000 likes and has been viewed over 4.5 million times as of publishing time.

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