TikToker Lexi Larson had just landed her dream tech job when she decided to be transparent about her new salary. But just six weeks after starting her new job, she was fired for revealing her $90,000 annual pay in a viral TikTok.

In June, Larson revealed in a video that her new role came with a $20,000 raise along with a $449 monthly increase in taxes paid.

Her video revealing the salary and perks went viral with over 200,000 views.

Then, just two weeks after she posted the video, Larson revealed she had been canned from her new job because she had disclosed her salary.

“So, TikTok got me fired,” Larson shared in a follow-up clip. “A couple weeks ago I started sharing about how I got a job in the tech industry ... I don’t work at that job anymore because they fired me.”

Larson explained she was initially hesitant to share details about her termination as she signed legal documents following her firing.

However, she did note that her former employer discovered her TikTok account and “really, really did not like” that she disclosed her salary despite her not specifying her exact job title or the company she was working for at the time.

Sharing one's salary is protected by the National Labor Relations Act. However, Larson has since removed a few of her other TikToks regarding her salary and former job.

Thankfully, Larson was able to return to the job she had before applying for the one she was fired.

“They’re really amazing. They know about my TikTok and they have no issues with it,” she shared, revealing she was able to return to her old job after explaining the situation to her former manager.

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