Imagine tracking down your birth mother and finding out that you also have a brother.  That’s what happened to a 39-year-old woman in Brazil named Adriana.  But this story has a twist.

Adriana contacted a Brazilian radio station to help her track down her mother named Maria.   When the two spoke, Maria revealed that she had also given up a son for adoption too.   His name was Leandro.   Oddly enough, Adriana just so happened to be married to a man named Leandro who was adopted.  It didn’t take long to put two-and-two together.  Yep, Adriana and Leandro are brother and sister!   The two have been married for seven years and have a six-year-old son together.

Despite this shocking revelation, the couple says they love each other and plan to stay married.  (Hey, at least neither one can can make mother-in-law jokes).