A woman who is selling her house is concerned about her own privacy after her friend, who also recently sold her respective house, was frustrated when the buyers brought family members over before she had even technically vacated the property.

On Mumsnet, the woman shared her friend was horrified by the idea of random people rummaging through her active bedroom while she wasn't home.

"[My friend] told me the buyers asked if they could have access to measure up on Friday afternoon. She agreed, then got another text from the estate agent asking if their parents could pop in at the same time," the woman wrote via Mumsnet, sharing her friend's story.

The friend ultimately agreed to the viewing and "made herself scarce for a couple of hours."

Following the viewing, however, the friend heard from another neighbor that there was "quite a gang" at the viewing, which infuriated her.

"She's annoyed as it's still her home and she didn't want a bunch of randomers tramping around her bedroom, etc., without her knowledge. I wouldn't be happy with that either," the woman continued.

Having just put her own home on the market, the woman, haunted by her friend's experience, is now wondering if she herself should put stricter measures in place on how many people can come to view the property.

"Would I be unreasonable to insist on knowing exactly who the buyers of my house are bringing with them during measuring up visits, etc., or is that just being awkward?" she asked Mumsnet.

Her question was met with mixed reactions in the comments section.

"I wouldn't be thrilled with this and would probably tell the estate agents that it's buyers only, or arrange to be home when they come and tell them myself," one person wrote.

"I would not be going anywhere while people I didn't know measured up in my house. Who gives random strangers free reign in their house while they are out?" another commented.

"I wouldn't care. It's only one visit, and to me, bringing parents shows they're serious," someone else reasoned.

"I brought my parents along to one viewing ... I didn't realize it might be frowned upon!" another shared.

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