83 long hours of shopping, organizing family get togethers, cooking, decorating and other chores to get ready for Christmas?   Thats what an online poll done by 'Pure Profile' is saying that women spend time-wise getting ready for the holiday.

This poll says that one in three women spend an entire week, or 168 hours shopping, but only one in three men are going to be done in half a day, and 14 of the men surveyed said, "An hour at most" is spent on Christmas preparation.

The survey was commissioned by Sydney's Broadway Shopping Centre, and they took in information from 1000 adults nationwide.

The worst gifts?   Socks, Weight Loss & Exercise Gear, & UNDERWEAR.

1 in 5 purchase a gift for their pets.

1 in 10 regift.

Half of those surveyed prefer buying at large shopping centers or malls, double the number of those who favor online shopping.  Only 25 %  did not have a preference.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images