Time changes don't usually bother me...but that car clock? Yeah...check out how much work I have to do to reset it. It's super annoying.

I got to my appointment an hour early yesterday and that's when I need to change the car clock. I hate doing it, so many buttons to push.

In other news...time jokes just right for your kids to tell!

  • I had so much trouble at the store the other day. I told the guy I wanted a watch that tells time. He says, "Doesn't the watch your wearing tell time?" I said no way, buddy...it doesn't tell time, you gotta look at it!
  • How do you know a witch is carrying a bomb? Her brooms tick!
  • What did the Loch Ness Monster say to his friend? Long time no sea.
  • What time is it when an elephant sits on your car? Time to get a new car.
  • Your boss shot the clock? Why? - He felt like killing time!
  • Why did the girl sit on her watch? She wanted to be on time.
  • I HATE having time on my hands...so I use a pocket watch!

You're welcome!

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