In something that could be taken from a B-movie, scientists have made Chernobyl vodka to prove that areas are safe to now farm after the 1986 explosion, meltdown, and fire at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, which caused the largest release in history of radiation and radioactive material. The vodka is aptly named Atomik. 

The New York Times states in their article that scientists "set out to show that safe agriculture is feasible in some of the abandoned areas around Chernobyl, and they plan to make more of the artisanal spirit as a venture to support the local community."

So far there is only one bottle of vodka that has been produced and according to the website, "we can't yet sell you any ATOMIK nor can we take pre-orders - sorry." The scientists are mostly making the vodka in their spare time. The good news for those that are intrigued by the novelty vodka, you won't grow extra limbs or glow in the dark after drinking it. According to the scientists involved, they found "no Chernobyl-derived radioactivity in the distilled alcohol."

So the real question is, would you be willing to try it, knowing it came from the exclusion zone, some Chernobyl-made vodka? My answer, of course, I would because we only live once.

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