I know a lot of people that'll love this, but me? Not so much. In fact, just looking at the pic makes me throw up in my mouth just a li'l bit. BUT, what kind of person would I be if I DIDN'T offer you a chance to love on it?

A guy in Wales has created a sausage filled with JELLY. He's calling it the 'dausage', because it combines sausage with a jelly donut. He's launching a Kickstarter campaign next month and has come up with six flavors: pork with strawberry jam, pork and beef with custard, pork with leek and blackcurrant jam, chicken with raspberry jam, venison with strawberry custard, and veggie sausage with Primrose.

Now, I know there'll be some that'll say, "Hey James, aren't you the fan of The Rabe Shot, a sandwich with cinnamon toast, some butter, some JAM OR JELLY and BACON or SAUSAGE?"  And yes, I have to admit, yes. I do love that Great Harvest sammich, BUT...there's a difference. Biting into a thin layer of jam or jelly VS biting into a big ol'throw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little-bit glob of jelly.

See what I mean?