I like to relax poolside or in the sand on the beach, so the answer for me is pretty easy. How about you?

Getty Images/EyeEm

Looks relaxing, doesn't it? Cool, refreshing water. Swimming in a pool, or a lake, or even the ocean is pretty awesome.

But what exactly is relaxing about this?

There's a new apartment building that opened in Houston. It has a rooftop pool that hangs out over the sidewalk and street below. It has a glass bottom. So you can look down through your toes at the people on the street and in the cars below.

I saw this in my news feed. My friend Adrienne shared the video with the caption~

I found watching this SO disturbing, I had to share it. X_X"

This combines a number of my most irrational fears: heights, vertigo, claustrophobia, falling, embarrassment and water. You might be a little more hearty about this. Have a look and tell me if you would swim in this pool.

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