Imagine you're driving along at night. There, in the middle of the road is a snowman. And bam! As you're looking at the snowman, your car runs into has no bottom, and no top, but still, its trying to stop your car. Is it an alien?

stretch film
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Nope. It's that green Saran Wrap. Green plastic wrap being used in one of the most Minnesota pranks you'll ever see.

The snowman makes sense, but the plastic wrap is such an odd tough. My guess is the kids found a HUGE roll of it in a restaurant dumpster and were inspired.

The Wyoming Police Department is often mistaken for being in a different state, but this kinda prank could only happen here in Minnesota. And the way they got the news out is so very VERY Minnesotan, don'tchyaknow?

"If you wake up in the morning and find that you are out of your industrial size green Saran Wrap and your child likes to build snowmen give us a call we would love to meet this aspiring young artist."

Lookout kids, they're going to WRAP this up soon. Mostly because they're GREEN with envy. ((tiny rimshots)

What's the best prank you and your friends pulled off?

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