You're stuck behind a couple yay-hoos that don't notice the light turning green. So, it ends up being one car per light. The line behind you is getting longer, and the pokey pokes are just so pokey that you want to get ragey on their butts! But you don't...It does no good to honk or get angry. it doesn't make 'em move any faster. So what did I do? We were at a dead stop, so I Snapped the moment instead of raged the moment.

ps - If you think drivers here are slow, please, come with me sometime to Twin Falls, ID. It was often faster to pedal your way to where you were going instead of driving. There were people regularly stopping on main streets with traffic all around. Not slow down, not off to the side and stop. Nope. Right or left lane...wanna stop? just stop.  Maybe that's why I could sing instead of holler.