Last week, KROC's Samm Adams wrote about the amazing gluten-free bread you can get at Twig's Restaurant you can also buy at Costco. I know, good tasting gluten-free bread? Samm says yes!

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Google Street View

That reminded me of the bread you get at Prescott's Grill, over in the Crossroad's Shopping Center (just a few doors down from Great Clips). Very tasty bread, AND you can buy it at a Rochester store, too. In this case, not Costco. Their bread and rolls and English muffins are near the deli in the People's Co-oP, in Downtown Rochester.

I have a confession to make, though. I've only had one bread item they make. The English muffins. Hands down, the best tasting English muffin you will ever have. When I bring 'em as a house-warming gift, people kinda give me the side eye, but by the next morning, they're converts.

They're kinda expensive, and you only get four, but toast it up, schmear some peanut butter on there, and great ready for a party in your mouth.


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